Global Media Intelligence 2020: Indonesia

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Social media engages more internet users in Indonesia than broadcast TV does.

  • As in 2019, over 93% of internet users ages 16 to 64 polled in Indonesia visited social networks in the prior month, according to GlobalWebIndex. The average time spent with social media was 3 hours, 19 minutes (3:19) per day. These figures were among the highest GlobalWebIndex recorded globally. But several factors should be kept in mind here. First, survey respondents were overwhelmingly young, and most were city dwellers. Also, YouTube was included in the social network category, meaning that internet users visiting the video platform were counted as social media users.
  • More than 87% of internet users were video-on-demand (VOD) viewers, spending just over 1 hour per day with online TV and video content. Additionally, a notable 91.8% of respondents streamed music, podcasts, and other digital audio; these activities claimed an average 1:35 daily.
  • Live broadcast TV remains hugely popular. Fully 88.8% of internet users watched broadcast TV, spending 1:55 per day, on average—almost double the 1:05 spent with online TV and video streaming.
  • Many internet users were already using TV broadcasters’ catch-up or on-demand offerings in 2019. Though penetration fell by a few percentage points this year, it remained robust at 58.4%. The share recording TV shows to view later also dipped slightly, to 46.8%.
  • Over 61% of respondents watched TV or film content via subscription VOD (SVOD) services such as Netflix or CatchPlay—a smaller share than last year. Indonesia was one of the few countries where penetration of SVOD was lower in H1 2020 than a year prior.
  • Nonetheless, smart TV ownership was up, reaching 25.0% of internet users this year. That said, adults 35 and older were more likely to own a smart TV. A clear correlation with affluence persisted as well. Penetration among individuals in high-income households was 41.7%, almost three times the 14.4% recorded in low-income households.


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