Insider Intelligence’s Mobile Trends to Watch in 2022

Apps Look Beyond Ads and Embrace Embedded Commerce, QR Codes, and Sustainability

Executive Summary

Adults in the US will spend nearly 4 hours, 30 minutes per day in 2022 on nonvoice activities on their phones and tablets—more than half the workday for many people. That figure is up 44 minutes per day since 2019. Despite a captive audience, app developers, retailers, and brands face new challenges to attract users and make money. Consumer expectations are shifting, and changes to Apple’s ad tracking policies make reaching target audiences more difficult than ever. Will new monetization strategies and retooled mobile user experiences be enough to let mobile players respond to a quickly changing mobile landscape?

Questions this report covers: 

  • How can developers, along with content and ad publishers, respond to privacy regulations and Apple’s restrictions for collecting data? 
  • Are QR codes and computer vision applications like visual search fads, or are they here to stay? 
  • Can the mobile experience address consumer concerns about the environment?

KEY STAT: Although only 6% of US adults are regular visual search users, another 61% have indicated an interest in it.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Trend: Apps Will Shift Away From Ad Dependency
  1. Trend: QR Codes Expand Their Reach Beyond the Pandemic
  2. Trend: Computer Vision Will Drive Incremental, Not Radical, Change
  3. Trend: Apps Will Embrace Sustainability
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  2. Sources
  3. Media Gallery

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