Insider Intelligence’s China Trends to Watch in 2022

More Innovation but Also More Headwinds in the World’s Largest Ecommerce Market

Executive Summary

China is a world leader in ecommerce and digital marketing innovation. But what’s in store for China’s digital economy as retail growth slows and a new tech regulatory climate comes into play?

  • As China’s economy slows down, how will ecommerce sales be affected?
  • How will Alibaba recover from a regulatory crackdown by the Chinese government?
  • What is the outlook for Meituan and Didi, China’s biggest players in food delivery and ride hailing, now that the government has stepped in?
  • What’s next for short-form video and its standard-bearers like Douyin and Kuaishou?
  • Will China win the race to commercialize artificial reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) metaverse shopping?

KEY STAT: Ecommerce growth in China will decline to 13.0% in 2022. After a decade of unbelievable expansion in digital shopping, China’s sales increases are expected to settle into globally normal levels going forward.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Trend: China's Booming Ecommerce Growth Will Moderate More Quickly Than Expected
  4. Trend: Alibaba's Core Ecommerce Operations Will Survive China's Anti-Monopoly Tech Crackdown
  1. Trend: Dominant Sharing Economy and Food Delivery Players Will See Profits and Market Power Diluted
  2. Trend: Short-Form Video Players Will Become Formidable Ecommerce Players
  3. Trend: With the Metaverse Looming, Virtual Experiences Will Come to the Fore
  4. Read Next
  1. Sources
  2. Media Gallery

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