Global Media Intelligence 2021: Sweden

Noteworthy in 2021

Time spent with large and small screens rose significantly in 2021.

  • Almost 96% of internet users in Sweden owned a smartphone in H1 2021—a share unchanged since 2020—while 76.9% owned a desktop or laptop, and 50.9% owned a tablet. Both PCs and tablets saw a drop in ownership. But respondents averaged 3 hours, 37 minutes (3:37) each day with PCs and tablets, versus 2:55 with mobile phones. Both values rose by more than 15 minutes year over year.
  • Notwithstanding high smartphone penetration, uptake of voice assistants—such as the Siri and Cortana mobile apps—was quite limited in H1 2021. Even including smart speakers like the Google Home in this category, just 11.3% of internet users polled had used a voice assistant in the prior week to look for information, and 10.5% had used voice to complete an action, such as buying groceries or making a phone call. Older respondents and those living in rural areas were the least engaged.


Karin von Abrams


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