Southeast Asia Digital Ad Spending 2023

A Dynamic Region Where Digital Advertising Has Yet to Catch Up

Executive Summary

In Southeast Asia, ecommerce is thriving and the economic outlook is relatively positive. But ad spending—including digital ad spending—has not yet reached the levels seen elsewhere. Southeast Asia remains a region of vast untapped potential for marketers and advertisers.

Key Question: How much total and digital ad spending will there be in Southeast Asia in 2023, and how do the countries of the region compare with one another and the rest of the world?

KEY STAT: Digital ad spending in the region will grow by more than 10% again this year, but digital will account for a small percentage of overall ad spending compared with the rest of the world.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Southeast Asia plays a small role in worldwide ad spending, but its potential is tantalizing.
  3. Digital ad spending is growing more quickly than nondigital but has a small share of the pie.
  4. Southeast Asia has not yet embraced digital advertising to the same extent as the rest of the world.
  1. The region will be middle of the pack in terms of digital ad spending growth.
  2. Within Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Thailand will lead the way.
  3. Given their relative sizes, Indonesia underspends on advertising, and Singapore overspends.
  4. Every country in the region is lagging in the digital transformation of its ad industry.
  1. Mobile is king in Southeast Asia, just as it is everywhere else.
  2. In an almost universally underdeveloped ad space, Indonesia remains the market with the most promise.
  3. Media Gallery

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