Ad Measurement Trends H1 2024

The Converged TV Market Drags Its Feet in Changing the Currency Regime

Another year of currency chaos is in the books. With the legacy option still in play, the converged TV market continues to rely heavily on outdated measurement methodology. But there are signs of progress.

Key Question: How has linear and streaming TV ad measurement progressed in the past year, and which currency provider is favored to prevail this upfront season?

Key Stat: The share of advertisers who are very interested in non-legacy TV currencies hasn’t budged since the 2023 upfronts. Any new interest is from advertisers who still need to learn more before committing.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Executive Summary
    2. The converged TV measurement revolution stalls for another year
    3. Nielsen will be the primary currency provider for the 2024 upfronts
    1. The market favors audience data despite privacy implications
    2. What are marketers’ next steps?
    3. EMARKETER Interviews
    1. Sources
    2. Media Gallery

    Interviewed for This Report

    Fabrice Beer-Gabel
    Intent IQ
    Vice President, Strategy and Partnerships
    Interviewed February 29, 2024
    Moe Chughtai
    Global Head, Advanced TV
    Interviewed March 7, 2024
    John Donahue
    Up & to the Right
    Interviewed March 11, 2024
    David Dworin
    Chief Product Officer
    Interviewed March 18, 2024
    Richie Hyden
    Co-Founder, President, and COO
    Interviewed March 12, 2024
    George Ivie
    Media Rating Council (MRC)
    CEO and Executive Director
    Interviewed March 20, 2024
    Ray Kingman
    CEO and Founder
    Interviewed March 15, 2024
    Jonathan Low
    The Trade Desk
    Senior Director, CTV Partnerships
    Interviewed March 12, 2024
    Jason Manningham
    Interviewed March 6, 2024
    Ron Pinelli
    Media Rating Council (MRC)
    Associate Director and Senior Vice President, Digital Research and Standards
    Interviewed March 20, 2024
    Nicole Scaglione
    Global Vice President, CTV/OTT and Online Video
    Interviewed March 18, 2024
    Amol Waishampayan
    Chief Product Officer
    Interviewed February 29, 2024
    Jon Watts
    Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)
    Managing Director
    Interviewed March 15, 2024

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    First Published on Apr 11, 2024


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    Ross Benes
    Senior Analyst
    Tracy Tang
    Senior Researcher
    Max Willens
    Senior Analyst

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