Restaurant Digitization 2024

The Industry Looks to AI and Unified Commerce to Enhance the Customer Experience

Facing another year of uncertainty, restaurants are looking for new ways to gain a competitive edge. Many are investing in digital tools in hopes of wooing customers with personalized experiences.

Key Question: How are restaurants investing in technology to improve the customer experience?

Key Stat: Thirty-three percent of US restaurants plan to begin using AI for personalized guest marketing in 2024.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. The restaurant industry faces another year of uncertainty
  3. Despite years of investments, utilizing data remains a challenge for the industry
  1. Unified commerce and AI are among the most prominent trends in restaurant digitization
  2. These back-end technology investments can create better experiences for customers, both in-store and online
  3. Sources
  1. Media Gallery

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First Published on Apr 24, 2024


Blake Droesch


Suzy Davidkhanian
Carina Perkins
Senior Analyst
Amy Rotondo
Director, US Research