Brand Safety 2024

How to Protect Brands From AI Risks, CTV Ad Fraud, Misinformation, and Worse

About This Report
In 2024, a perfect storm of technology, business, and consumer behavior trends will conspire to intensify the challenges of protecting brands on digital media.

Brand marketers face a perfect storm of reputational risks in 2024. A surge in ad spending in high-risk digital channels, increasingly sophisticated AI tools, divisive political rhetoric, social platforms with lax content moderation, and incidences of ad fraud on connected TV (CTV) are conspiring to make this an unprecedented year for brand safety challenges. This deck will:

  • Show why recent trends in US ad spending raise the possibility of brand safety challenges this year.
  • Analyze social media platforms’ past and current content moderation practices.
  • Present findings on how generative AI (genAI) dramatically ups the ante for brands to protect themselves from toxic content.
  • Recommend steps marketers should take to mitigate risk.

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First Published on Apr 10, 2024


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