US Ad-Supported vs. Ad-Free Streaming Video Viewers 2024

Ads on Amazon Prime Video Shake Up Streaming, Netflix and Disney+ Viewers Shift to Ad Plans

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Among subscription video streaming services, Amazon Prime Video has the highest share of ad-supported viewers, while Netflix has the lowest.

Amazon made an immediate impact with Prime Video’s new ad tier. Netflix and Disney+ will make sizable gains in ad-supported viewing, but most of their users will still choose their ad-free plans. YouTube and free streaming services feature growing audiences that will compete for ad dollars.

Key Question: What share of the viewers of various US subscription streaming services are ad-supported?

Key Stat: A full 80.0% of US Amazon Prime Video viewers will be ad-supported in 2024, a higher share than any other subscription streaming service.

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  1. Executive Summary
  2. Amazon shakes up ad-supported streaming
  1. The ad-supported video streaming market is getting more crowded
  2. Sources
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