Maximizing the Impact of B2B Event Marketing

Effective Strategies, Trends, and Tech

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B2B event marketing is essential and highly engaging, but ROI challenges persist. Marketers should choose the right event format, use technology and AI for better results, and integrate events into broader marketing strategies.

Event marketing is crucial to B2B firms because it offers unmatched engagement. But ROI measurement challenges persist, and marketers need to align event types with their objectives. AI is rising in importance, particularly for enhancing event experiences and providing personalized content. Events and the content they produce should be integrated into broader marketing strategies to provide additional value.

Key Question: How can B2B firms use event marketing to drive engagement and ROI effectively?

Key Stat: Twenty-five percent of US B2B marketers said in-person tradeshows and events are the top areas for spending, according to Sagefrog Marketing Group.

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    Interviewed for This Report

    Michael Brenner
    Marketing Insider Group
    Interviewed March 6, 2024
    Kate Hammitt
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Interviewed February 29, 2024
    Amy Holtzman
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Interviewed March 8, 2024
    Peter Loibl
    Content Marketing Institute (Informa)
    Head of Sales
    Interviewed March 14, 2024
    Abbegayle Morrow
    ALM Global
    Vice President of Marketing, Marketing Services, and Events
    Interviewed March 14, 2024
    Tamara Prewitt
    Quantent Marketing
    Fractional CMO
    Interviewed March 5, 2024
    Chris Walker
    Founder and CEO
    Interviewed March 5, 2024

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