Worldwide Ecommerce Forecast 2023

Digital Sales Growth Will Accelerate Modestly as Stability and Predictability Finally Return

Worldwide retail and ecommerce sales will see a decent rebound for digital sales and a slow deceleration for overall retail this year. Most national markets are also returning to normalcy, but a great deal of country-by-country variance remains.

Key Question: What is the outlook for worldwide and country-by-country retail and ecommerce sales in 2023 and beyond?

KEY STAT: Worldwide ecommerce sales growth will accelerate this year and next, after an all-time low of 6.5% growth in 2022. Next year, sales will cross the $6 trillion mark, half of which will come from China.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Worldwide, there will be a modest rebound for ecommerce and a gentle slowdown for total retail.
  1. Regionally, the stabilization of advanced markets will buttress the global outlook.
  2. Several countries will post standout growth, and China will overshadow all.
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First Published on Aug 11, 2023


Ethan Cramer-Flood


Cosima Balletti-Thomas
Associate Forecasting Analyst
Whitney Birdsall
Senior Forecasting Analyst
Oscar Bruce Jr.
Senior Forecasting Analyst
Suzy Davidkhanian
Principal Analyst, Retail & Ecommerce
Vivian Dong
Associate Forecasting Analyst
Jasmin Ellis
Forecasting Analyst
Zach Goldner
Forecasting Analyst
Vladimir Hanzlik
Executive Editor
Brian Lau
Forecasting Analyst
Wendy Louie-Lam
Senior Forecasting Analyst
Ruoyan Zeng
Associate Forecasting Analyst

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