TikTok Will Be the Top Social App in Daily Minutes in 2025

Instagram Is Already in the Rearview Mirror—and Facebook Is Next

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TikTok’s addictive videos add up to a huge amount of time spent on the platform. It’s already the No. 2 social app in daily minutes and will top the list by 2025.

TikTok is on track to become the largest social platform in total daily minutes in 2025, per our first published analysis of total time spent on social networks.

Key Question: How much total time do US adults spend on TikTok and its competitors per day?

KEY STAT: US adults will spend a total of 4.43 billion minutes per day on TikTok this year—a more than fivefold increase since 2019.

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  2. TikTok’s short videos equal billions of minutes of view time each day.
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    First Published on Aug 23, 2023


    Debra Aho Williamson


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