The Modern Marketing Department 2018

Evolution Through Digital Transformation

About This Report
To drive and support digital transformation, marketing leaders must evolve their organization’s people, processes and partners. This report covers how modern marketing leaders can bring that to fruition.

Marketing departments are at the forefront of digital transformation, paving the way for the entire organization. CMOs and marketing leaders are in a prime position to determine what internal changes must be made to propel a transformation effort forward.

  • Although technology is a means to an end in digital transformation, front and center are organizational and functional issues that marketing teams must tackle so transformative vision can thrive. An emphasis must be placed on how modern marketing teams structure and align their people, processes and partners.
  • People: Modern marketing departments are evolving their organizational structure as new teams and roles are created, and other functions vanish. Professional development, training and culture are also elements of a solid people strategy.
  • Processes: Modern marketing departments must work cross-functionally to instill change, collaboration and experimentation. Some teams are adopting agile processes to knock down crippling organizational silos and allow for nimbler workflows.
  • Partners: Modern marketing departments are evolving how they collaborate with a growingly complex third-party partner landscape. Many agencies and consultancies work with marketing teams to guide their people and process transformation, while other companies are abandoning their partners and focusing on skilling up in-house.
  • Digital transformation is an ongoing endeavor that will never finish. For marketing leaders guiding that journey, an evolving approach to people, processes and partners will bring the rest of the organization on an innovative path.


Jillian Ryan


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