The streamers where brands are allocating upfront spend

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Hulu was the star of upfront streaming spend in’s March survey, with 74% of brands and advertisers saying they were allocating spend to the platform. YouTube TV also had a huge showing, with almost half (48%) of respondents saying they were assigning spend to it. Peacock, Roku, and Paramount+ rounded out the top five.

Beyond the chart: As more streamers like Netflix and HBO Max pivot to ad-supported video, having a strong foothold in the market is a win for platforms. YouTube is in decent shape despite competition, as nearly half of all US viewing for the platform is now happening on TVs, according to our forecast.

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Methodology: Data is from the April 2023 "2023 Upfronts Survey Results." 519 US brand, advertisers, and agencies were surveyed during February 24-March 24, 2023.