In a snap, social media’s Q2 went into a tailspin: Here’s what advertisers should know

Contributors: Jasmine Enberg, Jeremy Goldman, and Daniel Konstantinovic

The combination of investor uncertainty, war, and economic challenges are wreaking havoc on social media firms. In this Analyst Take, a follow-up to our Era of Uncertainty report, we take a closer look at our ad revenue forecasts for Meta, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest and what the latest negative news means for these platforms in the rest of 2022.

Our recent ad revenue forecasts for the six social media firms already took economic headwinds into account. In our March revision, we incorporated many of the factors that are contributing to the current upheaval in the technology sector: inflation, adjustments to baseline interest rates, shifts in consumer confidence, and fast-changing supply chain conditions.

Here are our 2022 worldwide ad revenue projections for these companies:

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