Mobile App Users 2023

Apps Return to Organic Growth After Pandemic-Fueled Rollercoaster Ride

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Although every app category will gain users in 2023, the average smartphone owner will install and open fewer individual apps as consumers settle on their favorites.

After years of spikes and troughs in usage, most app categories have returned to a more organic growth pattern. All categories will add US users in 2023, even as the average smartphone user uses fewer apps each month. Consumers are using fewer apps to do more things.

Key Question: Which app categories have the largest audience today, and which will grow fastest over the next four years?

KEY STAT: In 2023, 11 app categories will top 100 million US users each.

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  1. Executive Summary
  2. Consumers are using slightly fewer apps to do more things.
  1. How will app diversification give marketers more choices?
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    First Published on Sep 28, 2023


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