Comfort with digital advertising is growing in the US

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Most US adults will click through a digital ad that’s relevant to their interests, according to a CivicScience survey. That’s an improvement from March 2021, when 57% of US adults said they were not likely to click through these ads. As of January 2023, that figure dropped to 44%.

Beyond the chart: In 2023, for the first time, more than half of US social media users will make a purchase on those platforms, according to our forecast. Much of this growth is driven by TikTok, where the number of social buyers surged 72.3% last year and will increase by 40.6% this year.

Comfort with digital ads may also be driven by the popularity of ecommerce platforms like those of Amazon and Walmart, which are dotted with search and sponsored product ads. We expect spending on these and other retail media ads will increase by 20.5% this year.

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Methodology: Data is from the January 2023 CivicScience survey of 2,992 US adults ages 18+ during January 6-11, 2023.