The Banking Heads of Digital Report

15 Leaders on Priorities, Challenges, and Opportunities

About This Report
Through our exclusive interviews with heads of digital at 12 of the largest financial institutions and three top neobanks across the US, UK, and Canada, this report illuminates the biggest challenges and opportunities these executives are facing. 

Executive Summary

Digital is integral to the customer experience, and banks’ heads of digital are the lynchpin. Through our exclusive interviews with heads of digital at 12 of the largest financial institutions and three top neobanks across the US, UK, and Canada, this report will illuminate the biggest challenges and opportunities these executives are facing.


  1. What are the biggest factors shaping operating environments for heads of digital?
  2. What are the top priorities on the agendas of heads of digital?
  3. What challenges do heads of digital face in delivering on their top priorities?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? We synthesize exclusive interviews with a dozen heads of digital at some of the largest financial institutions in the US, UK, and Canada and heads of product at three top neobanks. We glean insights into how heads of digital define their roles and their place in the organization; how trends are shaping their responsibilities; the greatest challenges heads of digital face; and the priorities they’ve set for the future.

KEY STAT: Agility is a top priority for over half (51.0%) of today’s banking executives, according to a May 2021 survey conducted by BDO. This indicates that agile, cross-functional teams will become the cornerstone of culture and long-term digital initiatives at banks in the US.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Key Points
    3. Introduction
    1. What It Means to Be Head of Digital Today
    2. Emerging Priorities for Heads of Digital
    3. Insider Intelligence Interviews
    1. Read Next
    2. Sources
    3. Media Gallery

    Interviewed for This Report

    Allison Beer
    Chief Product Officer, Head of Customer Experience and Digital
    Interviewed June 28, 2021
    Matt Giles
    Head of Product
    Interviewed June 8, 2021
    Andy Hernández
    Regions Bank
    Chief Digital Officer
    Interviewed June 30, 2021
    Imran Khan
    TD Bank Group
    Head of Global Digital Experience
    Interviewed June 23, 2021
    Mat Mehrotra
    BMO Financial Group
    Chief Digital Officer
    Interviewed June 2, 2021
    Michelle Moore
    Wells Fargo
    Executive Vice President, Head of Consumer Digital
    Interviewed July 15, 2021
    Sathish Muthukrishnan
    Ally Financial
    Chief Information, Data, and Digital Officer
    Interviewed July 12, 2021
    Mike Naggar
    Managing Director, Chief Digital Officer, US Consumer Bank
    Interviewed July 14, 2021
    James Smith
    Nationwide Building Society
    Director of Digital
    Interviewed June 2, 2021
    Joshua Stephens
    Vice President, Product Management
    Interviewed May 11, 2021
    Matt Turner
    Managing Director, Digital
    Interviewed June 11, 2021
    David Tyrie
    Bank of America
    Managing Director, Head of Digital
    Interviewed June 9, 2021
    Kathy Ward
    Navy Federal Credit Union
    Senior Vice President of Digital Channels
    Interviewed June 21, 2021
    Dontá Wilson
    Chief Digital and Client Experience Officer
    Interviewed June 25, 2021
    Wesley Wright
    Chief Commercial and Product Officer
    Interviewed June 4, 2021

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