Western Europe Ad Spending 2023

Digital Continues to Fuel Spend, With Traditional Advertising Being Left in Its Wake

Report Snapshot

The economy in Western Europe is proving challenging for the ad industry, and a spending slowdown is expected this year. But digital will help keep the industry’s head above water. Search spending will remain strong in France and Germany, but the duopoly’s dominance is being tested.

Key Question: How important will digital become to advertisers in Western Europe through 2027?

KEY STAT: Despite a slight slowdown in digital ad spending growth this year, it will pull clear away from traditional spending. By 2026, digital spend will more than double traditional, and the gap will continue to increase.

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Table of Contents

  1. Report Snapshot
  2. Spending growth is contracting as the economy bites.
  3. Digital spend will fuel the market despite a slowdown this year.
  4. Display will continue to dominate the region’s digital landscape.
  1. France will lead the way in digital growth, for now.
  2. Video spending in France and Germany has a strong showing, but it will remain a minority stake.
  3. The duopoly has a firmer hold in France and Germany, but its dominance is slipping.
  4. What does this forecast mean for marketers in Western Europe?
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