India and Southeast Asia Ad Spending 2023

India Is the Ad Spending Growth Leader Globally, Thailand Leads in the Subregion

Report Snapshot

As digital transformation continues in Southeast Asia, one sector that has been slow to adopt is advertising. Digital will account for 35.3% of total ad spending in 2023—the lowest share globally—and edge to 40.4% in 2027. In that span, the proportion of digital ad spend in India will shoot up from 34.3% to 45.6%.

Key Question: What proportion of ad spending does digital account for in India and across Southeast Asian countries?

KEY STAT: Digital’s share of ad spending in Southeast Asia will reach only 35.3% of total ad spending in 2023, lagging far behind total Asia-Pacific.

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Table of Contents

  1. Report Snapshot
  2. India will enter the global top 10 for total media ad spending.
  3. Total media ad spending growth in Southeast Asia is at parity with growth worldwide.
  1. Southeast Asia’s double-digit growth in digital ad spending will end after 2023.
  2. Southeast Asia’s ad market has a lot of room left for growth.
  3. What do these forecasts mean for marketers in India and Southeast Asia?
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