UK Ad Spending 2023

Digital Growth Hits a Historic Low, but CTV Offers a Bright Spot

Report Snapshot

It will be a tough year for the UK ad market amid challenging economic conditions. But while growth will be muted, even for digital advertising, there will be some bright spots, connected TV (CTV) chief among them.

Key Question: Just how much of a negative impact will current economic conditions have on the UK’s ad market?

KEY STAT: UK digital ad spending growth will hit its lowest rate since we started tracking it in 2009. There will be a rebound next year, but spending won’t catch up to our prior forecast.

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Table of Contents

  1. Report Snapshot
  2. Digital hits a big bump in the road, though a rebound is expected.
  3. Proportionally, digital goes from strength to strength.
  4. CTV’s rapid ascent will be a bright spot for the UK’s ad industry this year.
  1. CTV offers the easiest ‘digital shift’ for protagonists from the traditional world of TV advertising.
  2. Search has seen a slight benefit from the economic uncertainty.
  3. The duopoly’s stranglehold is slipping slightly.
  4. What does this forecast mean for marketers in the UK?
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  2. Media Gallery

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