Retail Ecommerce and Digital Buyer Trends in 2024: Brazil

Unpacking How and Where Consumers Spend Their Money Online in Latin America’s Largest Ecommerce Market

About This Report
Brazil is Latin America’s largest retail ecommerce market by total sales volume and will be this year’s third-fastest-growing digital economy worldwide. Understanding the nuances of how and where Brazil’s diverse consumer base spends its money online is key for brands and retailers to thrive in this highly competitive ecommerce market.

With a projected $81.74 billion in sales in 2024, Brazil’s retail ecommerce market is the largest in Latin America. The nation will also have this year’s third-fastest-growing digital economy worldwide after the Philippines and Malaysia, respectively. Several factors will fuel its double-digit growth through 2024 and beyond, including more favorable macroeconomic conditions, an increased shift online across most major product categories, and the broader democratization of ecommerce among consumers from all walks of life. Brands and retailers that understand the nuances of Brazil’s diverse shopper base—along socioeconomic, generational, and regional lines—stand to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market and win consumers’ hearts, minds, and wallets.

This deck will:

  • Share our latest forecasts for retail ecommerce sales and digital buyers in Brazil.
  • Explore the purchasing behaviors of Brazil’s more than 100 million digital buyers.
  • Help brands and retailers capitalize on opportunities for growth as shopping habits shift further online.

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Suzy Davidkhanian
Principal Analyst, Retail & Ecommerce
Paola Flores-Marquez
Researcher, Latin America & Spain
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Senior Chart Editor
Zach Goldner
Forecasting Analyst
Vladimir Hanzlik
Executive Editor
Penelope Lin
Director, Data Visualization
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Director, Report Editing
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Graphic Designer, Data Visualization
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VP, Research
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Copy Editor

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