A majority of US CTV households use smart TVs

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Key stat: Smart TVs are used by 61.9% of US connected TV (CTV) households, making them the top CTV device by far, per Comscore CTV Intelligence. In second and third place are Amazon Fire TV (29.1%) and Roku (28.4%), respectively.

Beyond the chart:

  • There will be 230.1 million CTV users in the US this year, representing 67.8% of the population, according to our forecast.
  • We expect smart TV users to make up nearly two-thirds of CTV users by 2027.
  • Among US companies, Hulu will rake in the most CTV ad dollars this year ($3.63 billion), followed by YouTube ($2.89 billion) and Roku ($2.19 billion), per our forecast.

Use this chart:

  • Understand how US consumers are watching TV.
  • Illustrate the fragmentation of the CTV ecosystem.

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