UK Time Spent with Media 2022

Digital Dominates the Mix as UK Consumers Flock to Social Video

Executive Summary

Overall time spent with media is declining in the UK, as society normalizes following the easing of pandemic restrictions, though digital is dominant. Among the multiple subcategories of digital, video—particularly social video—is growing in popularity.


  1. How much time will UK adults spend consuming media, and which categories will dominate?
  2. How is time spent on social media changing, and how has video played a part?
  3. To what degree are audio and video habits changing to digital, and how are device and service choices making a difference?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? Our latest forecast for time spent with media in the UK and analysis of what the changes in the media mix mean for marketers.

KEY STAT: UK consumers spend nearly 2 hours more with digital media versus traditional, according to our forecast. And the gap will only widen over the next two years.

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Bill Fisher


Debra Aho Williamson
Principal Analyst
Paul Briggs
Principal Analyst
Ethan Cramer-Flood
Senior Forecasting Writer
Nazmul Islam
Junior Forecasting Analyst
Shelleen Shum
Senior Director, Forecasting

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