Global Media Intelligence 2019: Hong Kong

Key Features

Hong Kong boasts some of world’s highest rates of advanced digital device ownership, encouraged by virtually universal internet access.

  • Hong Kong has been a digital hot spot for years. Because of its small size and highly urbanized population, it’s been relatively easy and cost-effective for operators to install and maintain communications infrastructure.
  • According to H1 2019 data from GlobalWebIndex, 97.5% of internet users ages 16 to 64 were smartphone owners; a mere 7.0% of those surveyed had a feature phone.
  • Over 72% of respondents in Hong Kong owned a desktop or laptop PC, and 53.5% owned a tablet. Despite the higher smartphone penetration, PCs and tablets accounted for more media time spent per day. Those larger screens claimed an average of 3 hours, 31 minutes (3:31) per internet user, while mobile activities consumed 3:12.
  • Nearly 18% of internet users owned a smartwatch in H1 2019. Smart wristbands were almost as popular, with overall ownership at 14.9%. More than one in 10 internet users polled had a smart-home product. All these shares were greater than in most other geographies polled. With respect to smartwatches, for example, only India and China came close to the 17.9% penetration rate in Hong Kong, registering 17.0% and 16.4%, respectively.


Karin von Abrams