China Programmatic Digital Display Ad Spending

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Programmatic Digital Display Ad Spending

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Ad Spending and Industry Trends Through 2021 for Canada, China, France, Germany, the UK and the US

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About This Report
Programmatic advertising will account for 71.0% of the digital display ad market in China this year. Mobile programmatic growth, as well as gains in private marketplaces and programmatic direct play a role. This report features our latest programmatic display forecast for China and explores these and other factors shaping the market through 2021.

Executive Summary

In China, programmatic display ad spending will grow 29.3% in 2019, reaching $31.35 billion (RMB207.43 billion). This year, 71.0% of digital display advertising will be traded programmatically.

How much is programmatic advertising set to grow in China?

Again, programmatic display ad spending in China will grow 29.3% from 2018. Growth will remain strong through our forecast period—25.2% in 2020 and 20.0% in 2021.

How much is spent on real-time bidding (RTB) vs. programmatic direct?

In 2019, RTB will account for 31.4% of programmatic digital display ad spending in China, while programmatic direct comprises the remaining 68.6%. Open exchange and private marketplace (PMP) ad spending will make up roughly equal shares of total programmatic ad spending—15.9% and 15.5%, respectively. During the forecast period, PMP’s share will rise at the expense of the open markets.

How big is the mobile programmatic advertising market in China?

Mobile programmatic digital display ad spending will rise 30.3% to $27.36 billion (RMB181.03 billion) in 2019. And it will account for the lion’s share of programmatic display ad spending, at 87.3%. Mobile’s share of programmatic display will reach 89.0% by 2021.

How much will be spent on programmatic video advertising?

Programmatic digital video ad spending in China makes up 20.2% of programmatic display ad spend, or $6.34 billion (RMB41.95 billion) this year. Today, slightly over half (55.0%) of all digital video ad dollars transact programmatically—a portion that will rise slightly to 56.5% by 2021.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report features our updated estimates for programmatic digital display ad spending in China, including breakouts by transaction type and device. It also explores recent trends in the market.

KEY STAT: We forecast that programmatic digital display ad spending in China will reach $31.35 billion (RMB207.43 billion) in 2019, with the majority of transactions being made via programmatic direct.

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