When TikTok will pass Facebook in use

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Key stat: TikTok will beat Facebook in time spent in 2025, with US adults spending over 5.19 billion total minutes per day on the platform, while they will spend a total of 5.02 billion total minutes per day on Facebook, according to our forecast.

Beyond the chart:

  • Both TikTok’s and Facebook’s total minute figure will round out to an average of 19 minutes per adult per day in 2025, according to our forecast.
  • TikTok’s climb in time spent on the platform is particularly impressive because fewer people use it than Facebook. We forecast 92.5 million US adults will use TikTok in 2025, while 168.8 million will use Facebook.
  • Advertisers should consider boosting TikTok spend, advised our analyst Debra Aho Williamson in our TikTok Will Be the Top Social App in Daily Minutes in 2025 report.

Use this chart:

  • Budget social media marketing spend based on use.
  • Consider influencer marketing priorities.

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