Smart lighting, security drive increase in smart home device adoption

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The share of worldwide video entertainment smart home device shipments will decrease between 2022 and 2026 as the number of smart security device and smart lighting device shipments grow.

Beyond the chart: According to our 2022 Smart Home Device Forecast, smart device adoption will grow to reach 49.0% of total US households by 2026, driven by already-smart households ramping up their ecosystems to include lighting, thermostats, and more security.

The new Matter standard, an open-source smart home technology that can connect a variety of smart devices regardless of the type or brand, could help drive adoption even further.

A Matter-connected household can provide marketers with more data and insights about a consumer’s home and habits. However, with more data comes more responsibility. Marketers need to build consumer trust around connected devices and demonstrate how they can be useful rather than invasive.

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