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Matter Resets the Market, Creating a New Blueprint for Advertisers to Reach Consumers

About This Report
By 2026, nearly half of US households will use smart devices—from lights to locks to appliances. Here’s how advertisers can capitalize on connectivity enabled by Matter, the newly launched interoperability protocol.

With Matter, the new interoperability protocol, smart homes are more connected than ever. Consumers can talk to lights, utilities, and security systems—and they can all talk to each other. Click through this deck for the latest insights, including:

  • Growth forecasts for smart homes and devices
  • What the Matter protocol means for the market
  • What consumers value in a smart home
  • New ecosystem opportunities for advertisers

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Jessica Lis


Chris Keating
Director, Research
Evelyn Mitchell
Analyst, Digital Advertising & Media
Andrew Spink
Forecasting Analyst
Yoram Wurmser
Principal Analyst

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