CES 2023

AI, Matter, and the Metaverse Star in Tech’s Big Showcase

Executive Summary

For the first time in three years, CES delivered its customary crowds and hype around new technologies. But not all the announcements were buzzworthy. We tease out five big trends that will matter most for media and marketing.

Key Question: How will the technologies announced at this year’s annual CES influence the way people communicate with each other and businesses?

KEY STAT: The number of exhibitors at CES have bounced back from the effects of the pandemic—but not 100%.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. AI—Including ChatGPT—Was the Talk of the Show
  3. New Devices Bring a Much-Needed Boost for the Metaverse
  1. Matter Rejuvenates Smart Home Technology
  2. Cars Turn Into Media Hubs
  3. Satellites Bring Connectivity to New Places
  1. Key Takeaways for Media Companies and Marketers
  2. Sources
  3. Media Gallery

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Yoram Wurmser


Jasmine Enberg
Principal Analyst
Jessica Lis
Analyst, Technology
Gadjo Sevilla
Senior Analyst, Connectivity & Tech

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