Payment Channels and Types of Transactions

Digitization, Integration, and the Economy Are Reshaping Customer Priorities for Shopping and Paying

Executive Summary

Payments providers must make efficient and inexpensive digital payment solutions their top priority in 2023 as economic upheaval plagues customers. To do so, they should explore new transaction flows and devices across channels, while also tapping into new audiences.


  1. How are payer habits and preferences changing in retail, peer-to-peer (P2P), B2B, and B2C payments?
  2. How are these changes impacting payment providers?
  3. How will providers drive volume and revenue growth in 2023?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? We size core segments of the payments industry—including retail, P2P, and B2B payments—offer growth insights and forecasts, and evaluate key trends that will reshape providers’ strategies in the year ahead.

KEY STAT: Ongoing ecommerce growth—even after pandemic trends normalize—will push payment providers to continue innovating online while meeting digital needs in new areas.

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Eleni Digalaki
Principal Analyst
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Senior Researcher

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