Here’s how social media usage is changing in the US

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This year, US adults will spend 25.7% of their social media time on Facebook, down 9.6 percentage points from 2019. As Facebook’s share drops, TikTok’s will continue to grow. US adults will devote 16.7% of their social time to TikTok this year, up 12.2 percentage points from 2019.

Beyond the chart: Daily time spent with social increased from 59 minutes in 2019 to 1 hour, 15 minutes this year, and it will stay at this level over the next few years, even as the way users divvy up that time is changing. TikTok is eating into Facebook’s share, and so is fellow Meta-owned app Instagram.

Meanwhile, for social platforms other than the six shown above, their share of time spent will decrease by 5.0 percentage points this year compared with 2019, as usage consolidates among the major players and away from less-established apps.