Global Snapchat Users 2019

Strong Growth as Snap Doubles Down on Younger Users and Emerging Markets

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Snapchat will have 293.0 million users in 2019, up 14.3% on the previous year and outpacing the growth rates of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Growth has returned to core developed markets, while the pace of growth in developing markets is significant.

Executive Summary

Snapchat has faced many challenges in the past couple of years, and it has struggled to hold on to users. However, the company has turned things around, and user growth has returned to its core markets—while growth in developing regions continues apace.

Where are Snapchat’s biggest markets?

Snapchat’s core markets are in the US, France and the UK in terms of user numbers. While growth has returned in the US, and continues in other developed countries where Snapchat has a foothold, it will flatten over our forecast period.

Where is most Snapchat growth coming from?

The biggest Snapchat growth is coming mainly from countries in Asia-Pacific, with India in particular posting substantial gains—it will become the platform’s second-largest market by 2020 in terms of user numbers. The biggest growth of all, however, will come from Russia, at 83.5% in 2019.

What’s driving this growth?

Because Android dominates the majority of these countries, Snapchat’s Android app rebuild has been central to the platform’s continued success there.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? In this report, we update our Snapchat worldwide usage forecast through 2023 and discuss trends in key countries and regions.

KEY STAT: We forecast that the number of Snapchat users worldwide will increase 14.3% to 293.0 million in 2019. Growth will continue throughout the forecast period, and by 2023, the platform will top 356 million.

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