Delivery has sped up, but US retailers still eat Amazon’s dust

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Click-to-door time was as short as 4.4 days in July 2022 for non-Amazon digital retailers in the US, according to NielsenIQ. But Amazon has them beat by a lot, with an average click-to-door speed of 1.9 days.

Beyond the chart: Most retailers can’t keep up with Amazon—they just don’t have the resources. But delivery platforms like Uber and Instacart are changing that, turning brick-and-mortars into same-day delivery hubs.

In digital grocery, for example, delivery companies account for nearly 30% of sales in the US, per our forecast. That means other retailers have a shot at catching up to Amazon, with the help of intermediaries.

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Methodology: Data is from a August 2022 Nielsen IQ analysis. Nielsen IQ tracks aggregated and anonymized data from email receipts from a panel of over 5+ million online shoppers. The measurement reflects shopping behavior across multiple devices over time.

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