Instacart dominates grocery delivery, but Uber and DoorDash are catching up

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Instacart will retain its status as grocery delivery king this year, capturing 73.0% of US digital grocery sales among third-party delivery services, per our forecast. However, competitors such as DoorDash and Uber will continue to eat away at its dominance.

Beyond the chart: Though the pandemic boom has subsided, we expect US digital grocery sales will continue to grow, reaching $160.91 billion this year, a 14.8% increase over 2022.

DoorDash and Uber face stiff competition from Instacart, but they may be able to boost their market share by expanding their retailer partnerships and leaning into categories beyond food and beverage, such as health, personal care, and pet food.

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Methodology: Estimates are based on the analysis of survey and traffic data from other research firms, historical consumer adoption trends, company data, internet and mobile adoption trends, and demographic adoption trends.

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