Which retailers benefited most from Prime Day 2022?

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Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest sales event, but it offers other retailers a boost as well. This year, 44% of Prime Day digital buyers in the US considered shopping only on Amazon, while 32% checked out Walmart and 24% browsed Target as well.

Beyond the chart: That means a 56% majority of Prime Day digital buyers weren’t married to the deals or inventory on Amazon.

It’s a boon for Target and Walmart, which we forecast will bring in $22.07 billion and $66.46 billion in US retail ecommerce sales this year, respectively. Amazon’s $397.43 billion will leave both retailers in the dust.

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Methodology: Data is from the July 2022 Numerator "Amazon Prime Day 2022 Recap Report." During July 12-15, 2022, Numerator surveyed 6,065 US consumers who shopped during Amazon Prime Day 2022 (July 12-13, 2022).