UK Digital Video 2019

A Rich Provider Landscape Drives Up Digital Viewership

Digital Video 2019

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Digital video viewership in the UK is high, driven by a broad choice of platforms. From free over-the-top platforms, to broadcasters’ own on-demand services, to a flourishing subscription landscape, UK viewers have a rich and varied digital video diet.

Executive Summary

The number of UK digital video viewers continues to rise. YouTube remains near-ubiquitous, while the video-on-demand (VOD) landscape becomes ever-more competitive. A rich ecosystem doesn’t necessarily make for greater advertiser opportunities, though.

How many digital video viewers are there in the UK?

This year, 45.6 million people will watch digital video content at least monthly in the UK. That represents 68.3% of the population.

What devices are viewers using to get their digital video fix?

Almost 31 million people will watch video via a mobile device in 2019. However, connected TV users will top that, with 34.7 million users—nearly 60% of which will be smart TV users. In fact, for long-form, high-quality digital content, the TV set remains the device of choice.

Which digital video platforms dominate in the UK?

YouTube is dominant, with 40.9 million viewers this year. Among subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) players, Netflix dominates with 20.9 million users; Amazon Prime Video comes in with 11.3 million. There are also well-stocked VOD platforms from all the major free-to-air and pay TV broadcasters in the UK, many with larger viewer pools than even Netflix.

Who’s driving the rise in digital video viewers?

Younger people are most likely to consume digital video content, with the millennial cohorts (not teens) having the bigger proportions of viewers. This is likely driven by a digital mindset plus a greater degree of solvency with which to subscribe to VOD services.

How are marketers approaching this changing landscape?

Digital video advertising is seeing a surge in interest and investment. However, advertising within the digital video platforms is a challenge when consumers are becoming accustomed to ad-free subscription services.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report examines the digital video market in the UK, based on our most recent forecasts. It looks at who’s watching, how they’re watching and what it all means for marketers.

KEY STAT: The digital video viewer population in the UK is spread across all age groups. However, more millennials than any other age group regularly watch this type of content, even more than teens.

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Interviewed July 23, 2019
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Sky Media
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Interviewed August 23, 2019
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Digital Element
Vice President, UK and Ireland
Interviewed August 1, 2019
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The Advisory Collective
Interviewed August 21, 2019
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Integral Ad Science
Director, Product Strategy EMEA
Interviewed August 16, 2019
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Chief Technology Officer
Interviewed August 21, 2019
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Vice President, EMEA
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