TV advertisers want common metrics across linear and digital

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More than half (53%) of US TV advertisers say a lack of common metrics is a challenge to integrating linear and digital campaign data, according to Yahoo Advertising. Creating a holistic framework and navigating walled gardens’ data-sharing rules are hurdles for about 40% of TV advertisers each.

Beyond the chart: Connected TV is the fastest-growing major ad format in the US, according to our forecast, but the lack of standardized measurement across linear TV, streaming platforms, and other forms of digital video is still a major pain point for advertisers. Streamers are growing their ad inventory, but marketers can’t compare platforms effectively without common metrics and a holistic framework.

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Methodology: Data is from a May 2023 Yahoo Advertising survey as cited in press release. 300 US TV marketers including agencies and brands were surveyed during March 1-8, 2023. Respondents were involved in media brand selection decisions and will spend at minimum $1 million in ad spend in the next 12 months.