The world’s top EV brands

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Chinese automaker BYD was the top passenger electric vehicle (EV) brand in Q2, accounting for 16.3% of the units shipped worldwide. US-based Tesla ranked second, with an 11.7% share.

Beyond the chart: Global sales of passenger EVs were up 61% year over year that quarter. More than half of those sales came from China, where EV sales had grown 92% from Q2 2021.

Ford, which has invested heavily in EVs, didn’t rank in the global top five and remains far behind Tesla even within the US. Last month, Ford said it would lay off 3,000 workers to focus on EVs, amid its struggle to catch up to startups and traditional automakers in this space. Even if Ford manages to whittle away at Tesla’s dominance in the US, it still will face major challenges on the global stage.

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