TikTok Commerce 2023

Should US Brands and Retailers Sign Up for TikTok Shop?

About This Report
TikTok Shop is far from DOA, but early reports suggest its rollout hasn’t been easy. As TikTok works to build its livestreaming and in-app commerce business in the US, including by restructuring its commerce division, US merchants must decide whether the investment is worth it.

Note: This report was published prior to TikTok Shop’s US launch in September 2023. Click here for our “Social Commerce Forecast 2023” report.

Report Snapshot

If any social app can make live commerce and in-app checkout happen, it’s probably TikTok—it’s already a formidable social commerce platform, especially among Gen Z. But we have serious questions about TikTok Shop’s viability amid slowing social commerce growth, low uptake of live shopping, and the possible US TikTok ban.

Key Question: Is TikTok Shop a must-have for brands and retailers?

KEY STAT: More than two-thirds (68%) of US adult Gen Zers were likely to make a purchase on TikTok, on par with YouTube and behind only Instagram, per a Q1 2023 Jungle Scout survey.

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First Published on Jun 7, 2023


Jasmine Enberg


Sky Canaves
Senior Analyst, Retail & Ecommerce
Natalie McGranahan
Senior Researcher and Taxonomy Manager
Debra Aho Williamson
Principal Analyst

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