Social Commerce Forecast 2023

Gen Z, TikTok Shop, and Increased Spending per Buyer Drive Growth

About This Report
Social commerce still has plenty of room to expand in the US. With discovery and inspiration as the key characteristics of social commerce, TikTok won’t be Amazon—but it will bring in new Gen Z shoppers.

Social commerce is alive and well, but it’s getting harder to convert non-buyer social users into buyers. TikTok Shop will bring in new Gen Z shoppers, but most sales growth will come from increased spending among current buyers.

Key Question: What’s driving social commerce growth—and could TikTok Shop succeed?

KEY STAT: Annual social commerce sales per buyer will nearly double between 2023 and 2027.

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First Published on Oct 19, 2023


Jasmine Enberg


Oscar Bruce Jr.
Senior Forecasting Analyst
Sky Canaves
Senior Analyst, Retail & Ecommerce
Jennifer Merritt
Vice President, Content

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