Temu overtakes Target in unique website visitors, but Amazon remains on top

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Key stat: Temu overtook Target in US unique website visitors in January, but Walmart and Amazon remain on top (by a wide margin, in Amazon’s case), per Comscore Inc.

Beyond the chart:

  • Temu’s popularity hasn’t waned since its debut last year, as consumers continue to flock to the platform for its ultra-low prices.
  • But site visitors are not necessarily buyers. Temu’s contribution to owner PPD’s total sales was likely less than 1% in Q2, according to Bloomberg analysts cited by DigitalCommerce360.
  • Looking ahead, Temu may be facing serious competition from TikTok Shop, which just rolled out to all 100 million US users.

Use this chart:

  • Identify trends in US website visitors to Amazon, Target, Temu, and Walmart.
  • Align ad strategy with where US consumers are spending their time.

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