Where does creator income come from?

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Key stat: 82% of US creators will earn income from sponsored content this year, down from 91% in 2021, according to Mavrck.

Beyond the chart:

  • Creators are diversifying their revenue streams, relying increasingly on affiliate marketing, ad revenues, and paid subscriptions.
  • “Social platforms are now a launchpad, rather than a final destination, for many creators,” said our analyst Jasmine Enberg in our Influencer Marketing 2023 report.
  • Creators may be relying more on ad revenues, but US influencer marketing spending will grow faster over the next few years than ad spending, per our forecast.

Use this chart:

  • Evaluate options for working with creators.
  • Discover how the influencer landscape is changing.

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Methodology: Data is from the August 2023 Mavrck "Creator Compensation Report." 689 US content creators ages 18+ were surveyed during June 2023.

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