Report Sample: The Future of Digital 2024

Winning the New Zero Sum Game

Introducing the Future of Digital 2024

In the new digital era, time spent on media and consumer spending are plateauing—that means one company's gain is another's loss. It will be critical for any brand looking to stay relevant and competitive to understand these dynamics.

To start the conversation, we’re pleased to share here a small sample of our industry-leading Future of Digital 2024 study, which brings together 40+ insightful charts and analyses that:

  • Discuss the latest trends in US digital media consumption and consumer spending as they reshape the advertising and retail sectors.
  • Provide insights into the convergence of business models in the face of digital transformation and technology advances.
  • Explore innovative strategies for advertisers and retailers to win consumers in the digital era.

Our clients can access the full study here. If you are not an Insider Intelligence client yet, fill out this form to talk to one of our reps about a subscription that includes this report and all our forecasts and analyses.

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First Published on Nov 16, 2023

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