Would consumers pick up the phone if calls came with logos?

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In a world of ubiquitous robocalls, brands need to differentiate themselves if they want consumers to pick up. One option could be logos. Some 69% of US adults ages 18 to 24 say they would answer a call if their phone displayed a recognizable brand logo. This figure decreases with age, and just 46% of US adults ages 55 to 62 say they'd pick up if they recognized a brand logo.

Beyond the chart: Overall, 43% of US adults answer calls from unknown numbers. If calls came with familiar brand logos, 59% say they would answer the phone, a difference of 16 percentage points. Meanwhile, 82% say they want phone carriers to offer more information on incoming calls, showing US adults aren't closed off to unfamiliar calls on the whole as much as they're hesitant to calls from sources they don't recognize.

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