Nearly one-fourth of US adults have used shoppable commerce

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Key stat: More than half (52%) of US adults have either used shoppable commerce (buying a product by clicking a link directly within or next to a video) before or are interested in it, according to an Insider Intelligence survey conducted by Bizrate Insights. The majority of those who have used it, however often, identify as male (23%) and are between ages 18 to 34 (31%).

Beyond the chart:

  • With Gen Zers spending an increasing amount of time on TikTok, reaching nearly 1 hour and 19 minutes this year, per our forecast, social commerce on the platform has potential to grow.
  • Although TikTok Shop has the potential to dominate product discovery, it still has a lot to overcome after a turbulent start—with slow merchant adoption and tepid sales—which is contributing to a loss of more than $500 million in the US this year.
  • Shoppable commerce is on the rise on connected TV, thanks to retail media partnerships. “Everything should be shoppable all the time,” said Amie Owen, US head of commerce at UM Worldwide, speaking at Advertising Week New York 2023.

Use this chart:

  • Align your shoppable ecommerce strategy with your target demographic.

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Note: Data was provided to Insider Intelligence | eMarketer by Bizrate Insights.

Methodology: Data is from the August 2023 "The Insider Intelligence | eMarketer Ecommerce Survey" conducted by Bizrate Insights. 1,001 US adults ages 18 to 65 were surveyed online between August 1 and August 29, 2023. Respondents identified as female (50.3%) and male (49.7%) and were ages 18-34 (33.0%), 35-54 (33.4%), and 55-65 (33.6%). Data has a margin of error of +/-3 percentage points at the 95% confidence interval. Respondents were members of Bizrate Rewards, the Bizrate Consumer Panel operated by Bizrate Insights, which is comprised of over 2 million panelists who provide feedback based on their experiences and opinions. The Bizrate Rewards panel is comprised of a broad demographic profile which represents a sampling of all ages, education levels, genders, and incomes. At the time of joining the panel, each panelist stated they had shopped online. In exchange for providing feedback, panelists have the opportunity to earn points, which can be exchanged for electronic gift cards. This survey, provided by Bizrate Insights on behalf of Insider Intelligence | eMarketer, provides a monthly consumer pulse of digital shopping behavior and intent.

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