The metaverse draws high hopes from businesses and consumers alike

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Among executives worldwide, 71% believe the metaverse will have at least some positive impact on their organization. In fact, 13% expect this mixed-reality realm to redefine their industry, while 28% think it will enable new business practices and help them reach new customers. Another 28% anticipate the metaverse will have minimal or no positive effect on their company.

Beyond the chart: The metaverse is a beacon of possibility for many businesses, but do consumers feel the same way? Around the world, 67% of consumers expect companies to use tech to solve complex societal problems. When it comes to the metaverse, however, feelings are mixed. Adults with disabilities are more likely to believe it will provide a more equitable arena than the real world, per a December 2021 global study by Virtue Worldwide and The Dematerialised. Meanwhile, respondents of color and those with lower incomes generally expect it to be about the same.

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