More apps are entering the metaverse, at least in name

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Since Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, mobile apps have been scrambling to stake a claim in the metaverse—on paper at least. In November, the month after the rebrand, 29 apps worldwide added “metaverse” to their name or description, more than double the number in October. This trend hasn’t wavered much: In the three months since Meta emerged, 86 more apps have featured the buzzword in their name or description.

Beyond the chart: Mobile games have employed this tactic the most, though many finance and social apps are also naming their metaversal standing into existence. Mature gaming platforms including Roblox feature virtual worlds where branded content, from the likes of Gucci and Hyundai, has captivated players. But in nongaming metaverses, “it will be a while before marketing campaigns can move beyond gimmicks,” said Nina Goetzen, eMarketer analyst at Insider Intelligence.