Marketers confident in LinkedIn’s ability to deliver positive ROI

Key stat: LinkedIn is the social platform the most marketers worldwide (70%) are confident will deliver a positive ROI, per an August 2023 survey from Hootsuite.

Beyond the chart:

  • LinkedIn’s US ad revenues will rise 13.9% to reach $4.51 billion this year, per our forecast
  • A longtime staple of B2B marketing, LinkedIn has been gaining more popularity among B2C marketers as the platform introduces new ad formats and promises a brand-safe environment, according to our LinkedIn Marketing 2024 report.
  • Creators are also ramping up their involvement on LinkedIn, diversifying their revenue streams so they’re not dependent on one specific platform, per our report.

Use this chart:

  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of LinkedIn ads.
  • Assess platforms for best ROI

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Note: Respondents were asked, "How confident are you that each of the following social platforms delivers a positive return on investment for your organization?"

Methodology: Data is from the November 2023 Hootsuite "2024 Social Trends Report." 4,281 marketers and 4,508 consumers worldwide were surveyed during August 2023.

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