In-store is the most popular way to discover clothing brands and products

Key stat: 38.5% of US clothing buyers say they discover brands and products by browsing in-store, according to our November 2023 Consumer Path to Purchase survey. Discovery through a brand’s website or app followed closely behind at 33.6%.

Beyond the chart:

  • Shopping in-store gives customers the ability to feel fabrics and try clothing on—a feature for which there is no online equivalent, even as VR and AR technologies allow for visualizations.
  • Although discovery is most popular in-store, retailer websites and apps generate more conversions for clothing, shoes, and accessories purchases.
  • By 2027, ecommerce will account for more than half (51%) of apparel sales, per our February 2024 forecast.

Use this chart:

  • Plan new physical stores.
  • Hone your top-of-funnel strategy.

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